Create your own fundraiser in support of Grandview Kids.

Grandview Children's Foundation DIY Fundraising

Why Fundraise for Grandview Kids

Community events help build awareness and support for Grandview Kids. A great way to show your support in your community is to host an event in support of Grandview Kids.

The event you choose can be anything from a yard sale with your neighborhood to a birthday party with donations instead of gifts, to a baseball tournament! It doesn’t have to be a huge gala or something of a grand scale operation although we are here and ready to help! Whatever your passion and interest is, turning it into a fundraising event is simple. Invite your coworkers, classmates, friends and neighbours to participate and contribute to your event. Every idea and event helps to not only fundraise for Grandview Kids but gives an opportunity for those who may not know about our organization to discover who we are, why we’re needed, and how we help.