RUN AJAX in Support of Grandview Kids

Team Riley

On September 30th, we are participating in RUN AJAX to raise funds in support of Grandview Kids. Riley is attempting her first 1k just three months post surgery. She has worked hard to walk again and has been a trooper since her surgery. Physio everyday has made her stronger and she is still working hard to build those muscles she lost. After her 1k, Jeffrey and I will do 5k with Riley in her chair. Riley has been a Grandview kid since she was 2 months old. We continue to receive services from Grandview to help Riley with her day to day activities.

By making a donation, you are helping to many kids with special needs across Durham Region, receive services from Grandview Centre. You are going to help make a difference!

Please make a donation today and help us reach our fundraising goal

Thank you,

The Hoben Family

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